Navigating the Branding Waves: The Origins of the Radiance Surfboards Guidelines

Radiance surfboards

Radiance was born from the dream of revolutionizing the river surfing scene with innovative and high quality surfboards. The right materials, the right factory and a team that shared our vision were now on board. The next step was to turn this vision into reality and underline it with an appropriate design. This is how the Radiance Brand Guidelines were created.


1. From vision to visual

Our first goal in creating Radiance was to not only design awesome surfboards, but also to create a brand that reflects our passion and values. This is where our brand guidelines come into play. They are the core of our brand identity and a crucial factor that sets Radiance apart and makes it unique. Brand Guidelines serve as a compass for everything we do – from the design of our surfboards to every message we share on social media. These guidelines ensure that our brand remains consistent, recognizable and authentic, no matter where and how it appears. By carefully defining everything from the color palette to the tone of our communications, these guidelines ensure that every touchpoint with Radiance expresses the heart of our vision and our commitment to quality and style. It's about creating a visual and emotional connection that our community and customers can immediately recognize and, above all, identify with.


2. Forging the guidelines

Creating our brand guidelines was a journey full of creativity, discussions and discoveries. At the beginning we were faced with the challenge that each of us had our own, specific ideas about the surf brand. It wasn't easy to find a common denominator where everyone on the team could fully identify with the brand image. But it was this diversity of ideas and perspectives that made the process so valuable and important.

In numerous brainstorming sessions, we shared our individual visions, discussed them and finally put them together into a whole. These meetings were characterized by lively discussions, creative sparks and sometimes healthy debates. We have learned to see our different perspectives not as an obstacle, but as an enrichment.

Through this intensive exchange, a clear image of our brand gradually emerged - an image that captures the essence of Radiance and at the same time does justice to each of us. The result of our brainstorming sessions crystallized as a brand that combines quality and radicalism, is deeply rooted in the core values ​​of surfing and at the same time has an unmistakably stylish character. These guidelines are the foundation on which we build and develop our brand, always with the aim of being authentic, consistent and truly Radiance .


3. Core components of the brand guidelines

    The logo

    The heart of our brand guidelines is our striking logo, which arranges surfboards in a sun shape. This design not only symbolizes our deep connection with surfing, but also represents the radiant energy and warmth that defines Radiance. It elegantly combines our passion for sport with a sophisticated and stylish appearance.

    logo radiance examples


      Color palette

      Our palette consists of carefully selected tones of purple and orange. This color combination reflects our dynamic and energetic brand personality. While purple represents creativity and originality, orange expresses warmth and enthusiasm. Together, these colors create a visual identity that is both striking and balanced.

      color palette


      For our typography we chose the fonts Nanto and DM Sans. Nanto is used for headings, its elegance emphasizes the stylish nature of our brand. DM Sans, on the other hand, ensures clarity and good readability as a continuous text font. This combination reflects our commitment to a balanced, attractive design.




      4. Imagery and tone

      Radiance isn't just about selling boards. Our style should be straight, unadulterated and raw, full of energy and dynamism, and always clear and without clichés.

      We strive for the perfect mix: on the one hand to present our boards and on the other hand to capture the lifestyle that defines and surrounds Radiance. Our photos come in warm orange tones and urban shades. For us it's about showing more than just the board - we want to convey the whole experience and the passion behind it. Our photos are intended to represent the values ​​of our brand in order to involve the viewer in what is happening.

      color language images


      5. Application examples

      We apply these guidelines not only in traditional media, but also on digital platforms such as our website and Instagram account to ensure a consistent and engaging Radiance presence everywhere.

      instagram feed


      6. What the future will bring

      With the completion of our brand guidelines, we have reached a crucial milestone in the development of Radiance. They are not only a guide for the design and communication of our brand, but also a reflection of what we stand for. These guidelines will help us continue to present our brand consistently and authentically, both in traditional media and on digital platforms such as our website and Instagram.

      Looking into the future, we see these guidelines as a living document that will continue to evolve with our brand and our community. They are the foundation on which we will build to establish Radiance as a brand in the river surfing sector. Our goal is not only to offer exceptional products, but also to be a brand that our customers identify with and that excites them. We look forward to taking this path with our community and reaching new milestones together.

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