Shipping included for boards?

In Germany there are shipping fees of €30, but the ordered boards can be picked up free of charge at any time in Regensburg at the Radiance headquarters.

What materials do we use?

For glassing you can choose between polyester and epoxy. When it comes to cores, we differentiate between PU and EPS. The different types of construction result from the combinations between the cores and glassing.

What types of construction are there? What are the advantages/disadvantages?

We offer our boards in PU, PE and Dynamic Flex construction.

The PU construction is a combination of polyester glassing and PU core. This is still the most commonly used construction method, which offers a high level of flexibility.

With PE, a PU core is glassed with epoxy. Since epoxy has high UV stability, these boards yellow less and stay white longer. Since epoxy is generally harder than polyester and PU cores are less likely to draw water, this type of construction is the most stable and therefore the most suitable for river surfing.

With the dynamic flex construction, an EPS core is glassed with epoxy. This means the board has less flexibility and tends to draw water quickly if damaged. The big advantage is the lightness of the boards.

How does the “no worries - full send” guarantee work?

It is important to us that our boards can be surfed carefree right from the start. We offer unique customer service and repair any damage that occurs in the first month completely free of charge!*

*No transport costs to/from Regensburg are covered. For new Finboxes there is a flat rate material fee of €10.

How long does it take to ship boards?

If we have the boards in stock, shipping takes 2-3 days.
If this is not the case, the delivery time may vary.

Where are our boards produced?

At the Twins Bros Factory in Italy, Livorno. With 30 years of shaping experience, you can rely on outstanding quality.

To what extent are the boards still customizable?

In the shop you can already decide on your desired length, construction type and fin system.
However, upon request we can also include special adjustments such as artwork, carbon rails and other requests in your order.