O2 Surftown in München - Deutschlands erster Wavepool überhaupt

O2 Surftown in Munich - Germany's first wave pool ever

The O2 Surftown in Munich is set to be unique and guarantee a top-class surfing experience. However, so close to opening, the question is whether the project will live up to the hype?

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting the O2 Surftown team at a meet and greet event at the Santo Loco Surfshop in Munich and in this blog I will share with you my experiences and insider information that I was able to find out about the opening, wave settings, sustainability, prices and more.

o2 Surftown - When will the complex open?

That's the question everyone is probably asking right now. Just like in the sea, the anticipation of waves here knows no bounds. At the moment, the O2 Surftown team is in the process of making the current wave settings as precise as possible to guarantee the best possible surfing experience. The construction of the facility originally took two months longer than expected, and the actual kickoff was planned for early summer 2024. An exact date has not yet been revealed, but it is assured that Surftown will be open by the end of July 2024 at the latest.

The team and history

The team consists of enthusiastic surfers with professional backgrounds in event management, marketing, IT, business administration and law. The Surftown crew has now grown to over 90 employees. Over 60 of them are trained surf instructors with the official ISA surf coach badge.

The founders of Surftown Chris Boehm-Tettelbach, Michi Mohr and Jonas Boehm-Tettelbach are themselves enthusiastic Eisbach surfers and with this heartfelt project they want to give everyone an authentic surfing experience in Germany, but also create more surfing space in the Munich area. The reason for this is that Over the last few years there has been an enormous increase in new surfers on the standing waves.

Wave settings - something for everyone!

In terms of waves, the o2 Surftown is completely adaptable in height, power and speed thanks to its special design and therefore guarantees surfing fun for everyone. Whether beginner or pro, from gentle longboard waves to barreling 2m waves with air sections, everything should be there. After we When Chris Boehm-Tettelbach was asked at the event what the barrel setting would entail, he immediately started to smile and assured us that more than promising results could be achieved. It will be exciting!

There are 3 different places where the waves can be surfed. The beginner zone for beginners or longboarders, the peak where waves can be surfed in both directions and also the very promising 20 second point break, which we unfortunately haven't been able to find out much about yet.

Here is a short breakdown of the different waves for each level:

Beginner Zone:

First Timer: 0.5m - gently breaking beginner waves
Rookie: 0.7m - dynamically breaking beginner waves


Progressive: 1 m - gentle waves with low speed
Intermediate: 1.4m - Cruiser waves with medium speed
Advanced: 1.7m - Fast breaking waves, perfect for turns
Expert: 1.9m - powerful breaking waves with barrel section
Pro: 2.1m - steep and hollow breaking waves with air sections

Prices and opening hours

With pre-sale prices of €59 for the Beginner Zone and €79 for the A-Frame, Surftown has already received numerous bookings. However, these prices will rise slightly once operations begin, as high demand is expected. Discounts are not expected for the time being, but the Surftown website has not ruled this out either.

There will also be family-friendly packages and additional bundles for multiple people.

Opening hours vary depending on the season. In summer they are expected to be from 07:00 to 23:00. In winter the wave will also be in operation at similar times, except in extreme weather conditions such as frost or storms.

Rooms and events

The O2 Surftown Munich offers a variety of facilities and event spaces that complement the surfing experience. These will include:

Warm-up Areas : Special areas to warm up before surfing

Surf Rental Shop : Rental of surf equipment, wetsuits and accessories

Restaurant and bar : Gastronomic offerings with a bar and a terrace overlooking the wave pool

Coworking Space : A modern workspace for surfers and guests at a fair price

Event area : With a capacity of up to 4000 people, this area is suitable for private and Surftown-organized events. Future expansions are planned to offer even more uses

Sustainability and climate friendliness

This is something that the O2 Surftown team is particularly proud of. The entrepreneurs, who are themselves enthusiastic surfers and outdoor sports enthusiasts, see it as their responsibility to practice ecological and social economic management.

Energy supply : Surftown is powered by 100% renewable energy, with a strong focus on local resources.

Water extraction : The water is extracted from groundwater, which is possible with almost no energy expenditure due to the geographical location.

Heating and cooling : The surf building is heated and cooled via geothermal energy and modern heat pumps; the surf pool is not heated.

Sustainable mobility : 16 electric charging stations, 68 bicycle parking spaces and an e-bike station will be built. Arrival and departure by bicycle, public transport and long-distance public transport will be incentivized.

Efficient wave generation : Wave generation is adapted to the actual load in order to conserve resources.

Transparent communication : A sustainability report is planned after the first year of operation.

The combination of these measures is intended to make Surftown a sustainable and environmentally friendly facility.

Stay tuned!

I'm really looking forward to the opening and to sharing my experiences and more insider information with you. Stay tuned, it's going to be exciting!

Cover photo: https://surftown.de/de/infos
All copyrights go towards Surftown GmbH


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